Boppo's Bedtime Tale

When Tiffany was all of three,
and still so very small;
Her grandpa, whom she called Boppo,
had just stopped by to call.

He'd had a most exhausting day,
(a stone mason,you know;
Much in demand, top of his craft,
as most stone masons go.)

The hours flew by and way too soon
'twas Tiffany's time for bed,
'Twas time for elves and fairy tales
and good books to be read.

Well, Boppo put his precious one
to bed, with pillow fluffed;
But he'd just had a hearty meal,
and poor Boppo was stuffed!

He started on a fairy tale,
and Tiffany seemed entranced!
Oh, she knew this old tale by heart,
yes, Tiffany was advanced!

I gave them just five minutes,
just five minutes, not much more;
I softly tiptoed down the hall
and peeked inside the door...

Boppo's head had fallen back,
his mouth was open wide;
Loud, snoring roars had filled the room,
and Tiffany sat wide-eyed!

Her small left hand was on his arm,
her right hand on the book;
And she would pause at pictures,
pointing out, "See, Boppo? Look!"

She'd heard each tale a million times,
and knew them word-for-word;
She "read" with great emotion,
just as if poor Boppo heard.

I'd never seen a child more rapt,
nor anything so sweet;
To see her tell those fairy tales
without missing a beat!

O Lord, if I'd a video tape,
'twould make all others pale;
That night when Tiffany
"read" her heart out...
Boppo's Bedtime Tale!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"...and a little child shall lead them."
(Isaiah 11:6 KJV)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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