Bread Crumbs on my Mouse-pad

There are bread crumbs on my mouse-pad!
Soda pop on my keyboard!
How you deny you touch my stuff
has really got me floored!
My e-mail has been opened
and my monitor is smudged!
Don't tell me that you're innocent,
'cause this time, hon, you fudged!

Some files have been deleted
and they weren't erased by me...
you've left a trail of evidence
that any fool could see!

So...convince me that a burglar
picked the lock on our front door,
without a trace he snuck inside
and crept across the floor.
He spied my messy office desk
with papers everywhere,
the clutter so intrigued him
that he plopped down in my chair...

He turned on my computer,
made a sandwich, drank some pop,
he found himself so mesmerized
he simply couldn't stop, until
he'd read through all my e-mail!
Then to add to this great crime,
he wiped-out files at random
(I'm amazed he'd take the time!)

His mission was accomplished
so, just like he did before,
he stealthily crept out
and exited by our front door.

Tell me, hon ~ is that what happened?
Most folks' homes would be ransacked!
But the lure of my computer
got the poor burglar side-tracked?

Chagrined, you quickly answer,
as you hide your sheepish grin:
"That snoopy, mooching,
has struck again!"


"The thief cometh not,
but for to steal..."

(John 10:10a, KJV)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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