Breaking Of Day

Is Jesus your Lord of Lords?
He changed MY life for good!
And He would do the same for you
If only you say He could!

He took on Himself all of our sins,
Because of His love you see.
Died on the cross in great agony.
So we could be made free!

On the third morning He arose from the grave,
Behind that rock where He lay.
Now He is our direct connection with God.
Because of THAT breaking of day!

If you feel Him tug at your heart,
He only wants to come in.
When you ask Him to come on inside.
He will forgive all your sin!

Repent, and turn away from your sins.
Ask Him into your heart to stay.
Then He can always be with you.
Every weary step of the way!

Praise His name and do His will.
He gives us eternal life that's sure.
He fills our heart with joy divine,
That's because His love is so pure!

Your troubles He will help you face,
Leading you all of the way.
You'll have a home in Heaven forever.
All because of that breaking of day!

[ by Dot Wilson © 2003 -- submitted by: Dot Wilson ]


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