Broken Before The Lord

Broken before the Lord I came,
Kneeling before Him confessing my shame.
I saw love and compassion in His eyes,
He had the answers to all of my why's.

He knew how to fix my broken heart,
Where sin and shame had torn it apart.
I was so tired of living that way,
I had nothing to offer, nothing to pay.

I can't explain how He'd love me so,
To forgive my sins, wash me white as snow,
He took away all of my selfish pride,
To become His purest spotless Bride.

His Grace for me is awesome and sweet,
Whatever He does I think it's so neat.
I worship Him with heart and with soul,
To please Him forever is my greatest goal.

Glory to God, how I praise His name,
He never changes, He's always the same.
I introduce my precious Savior to you,
I promise he'll fix your broken heart too.

You won't never ever be the same,
When you call on His Holy name.
Yes my friend, He died for you too,
Just confess and believe, that's all that you do.

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2003 ( -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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