Butterflies For Jesus

This year I finally realized,
my relationship with God,
had only been a friendship,
which was not at all that odd.

Not knowing what was missing,
I didn't have a clue,
my feelings now have changed,
the love I feel brand new.

The more I learn about Him,
the closer that I feel,
He has a plan just for me,
I want to do His will.

We all want a love,
to call our very own,
I truly am in love with Him,
His love for me He has shown.

A little fire once burned dim,
now that flame burns bright,
His spirit fills me deep inside,
I feel Him day and night.

Butterflies I have,
for Jesus I must say,
His spirit fills my soul,
in my heart He'll always stay.

[ By Anna Copeland -- from Ashley ]


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