Man - Ocean - Trees.

Can You Hear Me

Across the meadows tall with grass,
That bends and bows with ease.
Limbs of elm and hickory,
On my way I rustle through these.

Along the flatlands and painted deserts,
Hear me call to thee.
I touch your face and call your name,
I ask "Can you hear me"?

Through the rush of waterfalls,
Over rocks I merrily flow.
Racing toward the endless sea,
One thing sure I know.

Above the sounds of raging river,
Hear my call to thee.
In your mind so filled with thoughts,
"Can you now hear me"?

Along the shore I walk with you,
You seem so hard to reach.
You stop to listen to the ocean roar,
From a shell along the beach.

I still call out in vain at times,
I wonder if you still care.
Just listen to this quiet voice,
Who only wants to share.

Alone at last on a windswept peak,
Your mind is clear at last.
Softly now I call to you,
Like something from your past.

You've been so busy doing things,
At work, at play and things.
No wonder my voice was seldom heard,
But now at last it rings.

A smile I see across your lips,
Now a wrinkle upon your brow.
Calm at last is in your thoughts,
"Can you hear me now"?

~ Michael W. Jarrell, Sr. ~
Copyright © 22 Jan 2003
[ By: Michael W. Jarrell, Sr., Copyright © 2003 ( ) -- submitted by: Michael Jarrell, Sr ]

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