Candle In The Night.

Candle In The Night

The deeds we do for God are clearly seen,
We stand alone to do what is right;
Shadows are cast as a silver beam,
We must not be as a candle with flickering light.

God loves and cares for all mankind,
His love...our hearts should excite;
We will brightly shine for Jesus ~ or ~ faintly shine,
As one lone candle in the night.

We must never let our faith grow weak for Jesus,
But always keep His Armor shining bright;
The time will come for each of us,
Some day...we will take our Heavenly flight.

It should be a pleasure and our mission,
To do only what is pleasing in His sight;
Even when trials come ~ we'll reach completion,
If we're faithful as we climb the mountain's height.

Each day is ours to make a choice,
Let's seek God's will with all our might;
With faith bright and strong...we can rejoice,
If we're not as a flickering candle in the night.

~ Leona I. Miller ~
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Leona I. Miller, Copyright © 2004 -- regular contributor: Leona I. Miller ]

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