Castle Dreams

          I built a castle once,
          It stretched to the sky,
          It's towers and turrets,
          Were a mile high.
          And then this castle,
          Built on shaky ground,
          Though tall and beautiful,
          Came tumbling down.

          Because it was built,
          On broken dreams.
          On shattered hopes,
          And wishes never meant to be.
          And now they're crumbling,
          Beneath my feet,
          Because I built a castle on broken dreams.

          I sat among the rubble,
          Staring at my heart,
          Staring and wondering
          Whatever I did wrong.
          And through the ashes,
          I saw His face
          His tears were
          Washing new this place.

          Because I had stood,
          For nothing of worth,
          And stacked high my hopes
          On shaky ground.
          Now he was there,
          Picking up the pieces,
          Where I had built a castle on broken dreams.

          I stand in awe,
          Looking at this mansion,
          Looking at the way
          He brought me through.
          And I see the firm foundation,
          My castle is built
          Upon the Solid Rock.

          Because all my hopes
          Are grounded on his Promise.
          And every dream,
          Is built made to last,
          When Christ takes hold,
          Of the hammer,
          My castle won't fall off of broken dreams.

~ Rachel Marie Bentham ~

No matter what is broken in your life,
God is right beside you waiting to mend it!

[ by: Rachel Marie Bentham Copyright © 2008 ( ) -- submitted by: Rachel Bentham ]

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