Young boy, fish bowl and cat.

Childhood Home And Life

In God's country of North America

Almost five centuries after Columbus discovered america

Deep down in the South

Of Alabama and word of mouth

To a white brick house

On a corner between two roads

Steel linked chain fence around house

With pine trees lots of needles and loads

Of them on at least six trees in front yard

With a flower bed running along

Side the house in front yard

First flowers then green plants on along

With rectangle flower garden seven feet long

Concrete squares between the flowers afill

The small space underneathe kitchen windowsill

Lawn chairs swing over to left side of back yard

Clothes line, marble furniture over to right side

Of the back yard with few trees on everyside

A storage building sits in the very center back

Just before a garden space that's farthest back

Two tables eight chairs made of wrought iron

That sit on the back patio porch of the home

Tall steel fence surrounds the vegetable garden

Where dad worked so hard in that garden

Many many times ready willing and able

As the garden grew to a harvest

Mother worked hard making home canned food

For the family to eat during a cold season

We never went without homemade food

Not during any cold season

In every warm season my nextdoor neighbor

We'd play together outside in either yard

Oh those were the childhood days to remember

Bless God he has my regards

In the beginning God blessed us long ago

Now centuries later from long ago

He still blesses us forever on to and fro.

~ Meshelle Brown ~
Copyright © 2009
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Meshelle Brown, Copyright © 2009 ( ) -- submitted by: Meshelle Brown ]

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