Chocolate River

It happened in my head, a dream so far away,
I came across a land where I wanted to stay!
I stood by the river, saw trees of licorice,
A boy made of marshmallow who caught skittle fish.

The colors all so vivid, I was lost in trance
While watching a trail of small, chocolate raisin ants.
Rabbits played nearby, they had cotton candy tails
And jellybean rocks held red and blue gumdrop snails.

Nearby Chocolate River flowed to a water fall,
I turned to hike and see the wonder of it all.
I came upon a meadow where blew a soft breeze
With the sugar sweet smells, my nose, was simply pleased.

The cookie dough squirrels gathered chocolate chip acorns
While Bees flied around, their feet, brown sugar adorns.
Laying in a field of sugar cookie daisies
Chewing on grass bubblegum, I became lazy.

Up above the lollipop sun gave light galore
Though I was getting tired, I found, I wanted more!
I fell asleep quick in this candy coated dream
My dreamy Chocolate River - dwindled to a stream.

Melissa Sanders
( 11-24-2004 )

[ by: Melissa Sanders -- Copyright © 2004 ( -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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