Choose Jesus

      Are you forever searching for some meaning in your life?
      No matter which direction you go, youíre always facing strife.
      Youíre looking for some peace of mind that you canít seem to find.
      It canít be found in alcohol or pills of any kind.

      Itís not found in all the many worldly pleasures that abound.
      Such highs are temporary for they never stay around.
      You continue to search for meaning, but it eludes your very soul.
      But when youíre on a worldly high, your life seems on a roll.

      You feel youíve reached the pinnacle when you are on a high.
      For the time youíre in your dream world, life seems to satisfy.
      But when the high is over and you float back to the ground,
      That high you just experienced is no longer to be found.

      Why not choose a high that satisfies and last forevermore?
      Choose Jesus! Heís the greatest high ~ He waits just at the door.
      Listen, you will hear His knock ~ Why not invite Him in?
      Heís always there and waiting and He yearns to be your friend.

      Choose Jesus as your Savior ~ youíll know the greatest high of all.
      The times you chose those other highs will be difficult to recall.
      The meaning that you seek in life is only found in Him.
      Choose Jesus, my friend and you will find your lifeís no longer grim.

      Never feel youíre unworthy because of anything youíve done.
      By shedding His blood on Calvary, He fought your battle and He won.
      The grave was unable to hold Him, for He arose and lives today.
      Your sins can be forgiven ~ for by His death He paved the way.

      The final choice is up to you, and He waits to hear you say,
      "I choose Jesus as my Savior," then all your sins, Heíll wash away.
      Bad habits that now hold you will be but memories from the past.
      For when youíre high on Jesus, itís a high that always lasts.

      Satan wants you kept in bondage ~ let Jesus loose you today.
      And those the Father gives to Him, no force can take away.
      Youíll bear fruits of His Spirit as He showers you with His love.
      Choose Jesus! Become a child of God and an heir of Heaven above.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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