Christmas Fire

We sit and watch the flames leap high,
And hear the crackling fire.
So wrapped up in the love we share,
We're living our desire.

This Christmas night the love we have,
Is precious and alive.
There's no place I would rather be,
Than here with you beside.

The only light that shines around,
Leaps from the fireplace.
And I can see the little shadows,
Dancing on your face.

Just sitting here in front of it,
With you the world seems right.
The snow is falling softly outside,
On this Christmas night.

I wrap my arms around you,
And we smile and reminisce,
Of all the Christmas nights we've had,
So beautiful like this.

I think about the Christmas,
I surprised you with a ring,
And then we planned our wedding,
And we married in the spring.

I think of our first Christmas,
That first year you were my wife.
In the little home we had,
When we started our new life.

We didn't have much money,
But we didn't even care.
We had each other and that's all,
We wanted then and there.

I think about the Christmas,
When the baby came along.
The decorations and the tree,
And playing Christmas songs.

I think about the Christmas times,
The house was full of guests.
The joyous times we always shared,
At Christmas were the best.

I think about the Christmas,
When our last child finally parted.
Again it was just you and I,
Just like when we had started.

So many Christmas nights we've had,
So different every year.
But always filled with love and laughter,
Full of Christmas cheer.

But now my love it's you and I,
This Christmas night again.
And now we sit and reminisce,
Of Christmas time back then.

I gaze into your lovely eyes,
And see your smiling face.
And feel your love just radiate,
Encompassing this place.

As I feel the warmth from you,
And feel your inner glow.
As we sit and reminisce,
There's something you should know.

Of all the Christmas nights we've had,
And there have been a few.
They all have been so special,
Because they were spent with you.

So on this Christmas night,
As we enjoy the Christmas fire.
And sit and watch the dancing flames,
While they keep getting higher.

Just to be here with you,
And to feel you close to me.
Is all I ever really wanted,
Christmas night to be.

All the joy and all the love,
Expressed this time of year.
Is magnified a thousand times,
For me because you're here.

You are my life and happiness,
You are the very reason.
You're the one who makes this such,
A joyous Christmas season.

So as we sit and watch the fire,
Change to a different hue.
My Christmas night is so complete,
Because I'm here with you.

James A. Kisner

[ by James A. Kisner © 2003 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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