Christmas Is Over

Christmas is over...
The New Year's almost here.
The tree lights are darkened...
I sure do miss you, dear.

The stockings are empty,
And so's my aching heart;
Yet, I need to tell you
Before the New Year's start.

I'll always love you.
You're always in my prayer.
If ever you need me,
My thoughts will be right there.

Although there is distance
Between us, I can smile;
Because I can hold you
In my heart, for just awhile.

I realize God gave me
This gift... I know it's true.
The gift that He gave me
Is all my love for you.

I don't know the reason
God gives and takes away.
I just know, this season
I turn to Him and pray.

"Bless all my loved ones...
The ones for whom I care.
Keep them in safety,
Until I can be there."

I know that God loves me,
And, so, He loves you too.
And, so, in His season,
I send my faith to you.

"Many of us, between the start of this holy season, and the end, find ourselves filled with sadness, missing the ones who cannot be with us. We all have our list of bittersweet memories, and the hardest day is the day after all the festivities, when we realize how much we missed the missing. To them, I dedicate this poem."

[ Jaye Lewis ( -- from 'Heartwarmers' ]


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