Christmas Reflection

      The Christmas music plays and softly echos "silent night,"
      And looking out the window everything is covered white.
      The sparkling flakes are shining in a wonderous after glow,
      The clouds are leaving, now the moon reflects upon the snow.

      The world seems calm and silent and a stillness fills the air,
      And he is mesmerized by it and all he does is stare.
      So peaceful now at this late hour nothing seems to stir,
      And quietly within himself he starts to think of her.

      The happy moments they once shared so much in love were they,
      And never in a million years thought it would end that way.
      Life has a way of tossing you somethings you don't expect,
      And then you spend a lifetime thinking back as you reflect.

      You think of all the things you did and things you did not do,
      And wonder had you changed things would that have changed life too?
      They say that you can take control and make life work for good,
      But now he sits and wonders would he change it if he could?

      The flickering of the fireplace cast some shadows on the walls,
      And thinking of a time before is what he now recalls.
      A night like this so long ago with candles and fire light,
      A night when everything was perfect and the world was right.

      That night a love surrounded him like he had never known,
      And he spent endless hours making sure his love was shown.
      He knew she did not need the proof; it wasn't nessesary,
      And anyway material things are only temporary.

      So as he turns his eyes away and lets her memories flee,
      He watches all the twinkling lights upon the Christmas tree.
      He sees the manger scene below; One wise man's holding myrrh,
      And when he sees the trinket box, again he thinks of her.

      He shakes his head and whispers softly "what is wrong with me"?
      Nothing I can do or say will shake her memory.
      Life goes on and what once was, will never be the same,
      Things that you have lost in life, you never can reclaim.

      He thinks "life's like the logs that burn" at first so warm and bright,
      But always flicker and go out when late into the night.
      Every year is different as with all past Christmas eves,
      But always with a flickering fire brings back her memories.

      Memories of her beauty on that night so long ago,
      Memories of that precious smile that set the room aglow.
      A night that was so beautiful it lasted until dawn,
      But on this Christmas eve the memories come but she is gone.

      Sometimes in life you have no choice in matters of the heart,
      Everything in life will end the same way that they start.
      Things are taken from you and then sometimes things just flee,
      Some things you notice coming, but some things you never see.

      Life is never like we want, but we must deal with it,
      We can take it as it comes, or we can throw a fit.
      Live today with what you have, don't worry what may come,
      Deal with problems of today and then you can move on.

      These are words he thinks about as told him by a friend,
      He understands the words are true because it helped him mend.
      But he deserves this Christmas eve to wallow in his sorrow,
      Life goes on and so will he but that will be tomorrow.

      So on this Christmas eve he lets emotions take control,
      Reflecting on the past will always help to calm the soul,
      Laugh or cry, do what you want to bring your soul to rest,
      Then with all your heart and soul make this Christmas the best.

[ by James A. Kisner © 2002 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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