Christmas Ruby

      Families have traditions that will carry on and on,
      Some were started years ago by loved ones who are gone.
      Someone in the family keeps that special thing alive,
      Every year remembering when holidays arrive.

      Special things they like to do to keep the memories,
      As the families gather all around the Christmas trees.
      Special moments that they share or just a favorite food,
      Every year traditions keep us in the festive mood.

      One tradition I have kept and share with my family,
      Is something that my grandma did that meant so much to me.
      I know she never realized that I would carry on,
      The special moments she gave me long after she was gone.

      When I was just a little guy many years ago,
      She did a special little thing because she loved me so.
      She lived so far away from me I never got to see,
      My Grandma Ruby's house at Christmas or her Christmas tree.

      But every year and without fail a week or two before,
      There was grandma's Christmas package sitting by our door.
      Left there by the mailman with the other Christmas mail,
      Leaning on the top step by the little wooden rail.

      I never will forget the feeling of excitement then,
      As I ran and told my Mom and she said "bring it in"
      Then before our Christmas tree that night as it was lit,
      I would wait for Mom to come and say "well open it"

      What a glorious site to see as I would look inside,
      Candy, fruit and nuts and presents all wrapped up and tied.
      This was a pre Christmas treat and every year it came,
      And when I grew to be a man, I tried to do the same.

      I lost my grandma Ruby when I had my own family,
      One Christmas morning we were gathered by our Christmas tree.
      My Mom came over and I knew she had something to say,
      With teary eyes she said your grandma Ruby died today.

      She had sent a package just a few short weeks before,
      With presents for my children she has purchased at the store.
      With all the love she had to give she had kept it alive,
      The Christmas box sent in the mail until the day she died.

      So now that I am older and I have my own family,
      That tradition that she started means so much to me.
      Every year two weeks before our Christmas Day has come,
      My grandchildren each get a box and I fill everyone.

      I am very fortunate they all live close to me,
      So early in the morning I make my delivery.
      To each and every house I go with boxes that I take,
      Long before the sun comes up and long before they wake.

      I know that they all love it, the tradition will go on,
      And maybe they will do the same long after I am gone.
      But hopefully they understand the love and all the beauty,
      The same way I remember all the love of grandma Ruby.

~ James A. Kisner ~

[ by James A. Kisner © 2003 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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