Clancyís Gold

Here's an old fable handed down to me while sitting on my granny's knee.

Clancy the leprechaun saw a rainbow up high

and watched as it arched across the morning sky.

He said, "Iíll find that pot at the rainbows end,

then all that glorious gold , I will spend."

So, off he traveled through forests deep,

up lofty hills and mountains steep.

Through brambles and briers, rivers and plain,

hot deserts dry and freezing rain.

At last he came to a beautiful dell,

but, alas, the rainbow ended in a deep well.

Now you may think Clancy lost all hope

but he was smart enough to bring a rope.

He tied the rope around a mighty Oak tree

and descended the well, there to see

something so grand for his eyes to behold;

a very large pot of glistening gold.

"Oh, worry, worry, he said to himself,

Iíll never be able to spend such wealth."

" Donít worry about that." He heard someone say,

Clancy looked around, in total dismay.

For there stood a genie, tall and grand

with another pot of gold in his hand.

" This gold is not meant for spending;

this gold is meant, only for sending."

" What do you mean?" asked Clancy.

" This gold won't pay to buy mans fancy.

You may take it, itís free, if you spread it wide.

Itís not meant to be kept deep inside.

This gold you found at the rainbows end

must be sent into the heart of a friend.

Just take a handful, send it here and there,

and it will make the world ever so fair.

Go home Clancy and spread your gold,

It will be a great treasure when you are old."

Clancy went home to his Ireland fair

and lived to old age without a care;

for he found the gold in the heart of a friend

glistens much brighter, than at the rainbows end.


Now if you would be rich beyond compare,

spread the gold in your heart, for God placed it there.

Just let it glisten, let it glow,

give it out, wherever you go

then sit back and watch it grow and grow.

I know this is true for God has proven it so.

- Lora Cox -

[ by: Lora Cox Copyright © 2002 ( -- submitted by: Lora Cox ]


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