Fall colors in the trees.

Colors of Blessing

Could the angels have special jobs;
Like painting leaves of fall?
Canít mighty God do anything?
He has created all.

Perhaps angels spread forth their wings;
To paint the swirls of fall.
Upon the trees of mountain tops;
And on the forests tall.

A swish of orange, a splash of gold;
A whirl of autumn red.
Every creature great and small;
Iím sure would lift their head.

From tree to tree each color grows;
and spreads across the land.
A gift from God to be enjoyed;
Made by his perfect hand.

Each angel flying here and there;
Spreading colors of joy.
And when leaves flutter to the ground;
It makes a rainbow toy.

Children jumping, children laughing;
In the colorful mounds.
Up pops a smiling little face;
With all the fun filled sounds.

And like a child I too will laugh;
Iíll jump right in with glee.
And enjoy these lovely blessings;
Heís given you and me.

Orange leaves of family laughter;
Red leaves a promise of grace.
Yellow a golden forever;
In the arms of God's embrace

Iím not to old to play in leaves;
Too old to have some fun.
Iíll roll around and giggle too;
and Iíll have joy in God's Son.

For He fills my heart with laughter;
He is so good you see.
Heís painted this, a lovely world;
It is inside of me.

Jumping daily in His presence;
A colorful array.
Jump into Joy, Jump into peace;
By trusting Him every day.

Jump happily, into kindness;
Jump with glee into love.
Be content and be hopeful;
Looking to Him above.

Leave a lasting essence of hope;
To all eyes watching you.
A rainbow of blessing awaits;
Come, jump into it too.

~ Susan Y Nikitenko ~
Copyright © 2009 (revised 2010)
All Rights Reserved

Here's An Article That Goes Along With The Poem Colors Of Blessing. (Remembering 9/11)

[ By: Susan Y Nikitenko, Copyright © 2009 ( pastorkjv1611@yahoo.com ) -- from: Susan Y Nikitenko ]

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