Comfort Message - Christ.

Comfort For Today

There is a calm and peaceful rest,
Just a heart beat away in a world unknown;
When we leave earth and say "good-bye"
We'll leave behind...every pain and groan.

When we take our Heavenly flight,
God will then, our soul reclaim;
We'll meet Jesus first of all,
Some day...when God calls our name.

Troubles on earth will be erased,
There won't be tears of sorrow anymore;
We will have Joy in our hearts to stay,
When we meet loved ones on Heaven's shore.

Some day, we'll join them for a reunion,
Leaving all cares of this life behind us;
Lean on Jesus, today, for comfort and peace,
His Love is real, so let's obey and trust.

A personal message if you grieve today . . .

Think of the good times you had together,
Remember the sparkle in your loved ones eyes;
Keep the memories alive in your tender heart,
Your dear one has gone where no-one dies.

~ Leona I. Miller ~
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Leona I. Miller, Copyright © 2005 -- regular contributor: Leona I. Miller ]

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