It's more than just a job you see, It's more than just a task,
      And those that do commit to it won't even stop to ask,
      The questions that all others ask about life changing plans,
      They do not stop to count the cost; their heart just understands.

      It's something that they want to do with love that overpowers,
      Unlike a daily job you cannot pick and choose your hours.
      You cannot ask for benefits or barter for a raise,
      No time off for vacations and no pay for holidays.

      They do not work a forty hour week with working peers,
      If they commit to go ahead it will be many years.
      Their hectic day could have no end as with the working flock,
      And many times will find that they will work around the clock.

      Sometimes they may feel just like queens but other times like maids,
      And many times they have no choice but be "jack of all trades."
      They do not get to pick and choose the jobs that look like fun,
      Many times if they don't do it, it will not get done.

      They cannot have a title for one thing like this or that,
      On any given moment they may wear a different hat.
      They may make daily schedules trying to chart every chore,
      But something always changes, that's what erasers are for.

      Sometimes the task are overwhelming sometimes they are light,
      And many times they sit and wonder did they do it right.
      They have no supervisors to direct or take the blame,
      They either get the glory or they suffer in their shame.

      Sometimes the work is painful but they always do endure,
      Sometimes they are so positive but other times not sure.
      They sometimes feel like they are being taken for a ride,
      But nothing can stand in their way they take it all in stride.

      Many times they sacrifice when put right to the test,
      But even in their sacrifice they know it's for the best.
      Sometimes their heart is broken but they keep it to themself,
      Sometimes their dreams and goals are halted and placed on a shelf.

      But when the job is finished and they've done their very best,
      Nothing can compare to the reward of their success.
      Money, fame and glory can compete with one another,
      No reward is greater than those received by a "Mother"

[ by James A. Kisner © 2003 ( -- {used with permission} ]


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