Count It All Joy

There are times when we all suffer,
When troubles never seem to end,
All kinds of sneaky problems,
That even Doctors can't mend.

There may be troubles in the family,
Our children fuss and strain,
Parents lose their patience,
And dark clouds roll in again.

Or maybe it's trouble at work,
Sometimes things just don't seem fair,
Someone gets upset and angry,
And we wonder why we're there.

Maybe there's been an accident,
That's taken a loved one's life,
We cry out, "O God, where are you?
Why do we have to live with this strife?"

It could be a financial need,
Your credit isn't that good,
It's always hard to keep up,
When we spend more than we should.

The Bible tells us plainly,
Count it all with joy...
But as we feel life's stinging blows,
Good advice can only annoy.

Spend some time with Jesus,
Follow His advice every day,
Soon our hearts become lighter,
As we bow to Him and pray.

His precious love is awesome,
He will help with everything...
And when we get to know the Savior,
Our hearts can't help but sing.

~ Eva May Young ~

It gives me a warm feeling in my heart to write poetry.  I am a "Golden Ager" shut-in and writing keeps my mind busy with something I've done ever since I was a child, and it's my way of sharing our LORD with who ever comes to visit.  Thanks for reading my poetry - I'd love to hear your comments.  May God richly bless you.  Send emails to:   EvaYoung @ SkyWriting.Net

[ by: Eva May Young Copyright © 2006 ( EvaYoung @ SkyWriting.Net ) -- submitted by Eva Young ]


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