Cuddlin' Time

The evening meal is cleared away
And now the best that all the day
Can bring, has come to me.

The time when business cares have flown,
The time that makes a home a home
And brings tranquility.

My little darlin,' scarcely four
Comes pitter-patter 'cross the floor
Her little nightie on.

She welcomes now instead of play
The quietude that ends the day
And dreams not of the morn.

She cuddles close and by and by
She heaves a gentle little sigh
Of trustfulness sublime.

Her eyelids drop and then they close,
And there she lies in sweet repose
For this is "cuddlin' time."

This was written by my Dad's best friend when I was very young. Both he and my dad have gone on now but they left me a grande legacy. Thank you, Dad, for all the Cuddlin' Time you provided.

[ written by George Mead -- from Dusty Reed ]


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