Son hugging father.

Dad, I Love You!

            My feelings are clear
            Dad you are the best
            On top of the charts
            Above all the rest

            When troubles arise
            You always are there
            With help and advice
            You really do care

            If I make a mistake
            And when I fall down
            You cheer up my life
            You're the best in the town

            Through all of my life
            You've taught me so much
            With knowledge and love
            You sure have the touch

            Out in the yard
            You're thumb is so green
            Magnificent plants
            They make a grand scene

            And on the grill
            The food you prepare
            We all pull together
            And offer a prayer

            Then watching TV
            Of your favorite game
            We sit on the couch
            And watch those with fame

            I wrote you this poem
            For this Father's Day
            I love you so dear
            Though you're far away

~ Brian Russell ~
Copyright © 2009
Oldman's Poetry Corner
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Brian Russell Copyright © 2009 ( ) -- submitted by: Brian Russell ]

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