Daddy's Son

        With a giggle and grin you greet me at the door,
        Your smile so sweet I could never ask for more.
        Not a care in the world does your little mind know,
        Just looking for the light of a fathers soul.
        Come on lets play, maybe throw me a ball,
        Catch some fish in the pond, or race cars in the hall.

        With a tear in my eye, I had to look away,
        Your mother's hand on my shoulder lay,
        She's whispering "daddy we'll be ok
        you must hurry now or you'll be late,
        You only have two hours to be at the gate."

        You look at me and say "daddy you don't have to go,
        Just tell them this is my Birthday and I said no."
        You're a big boy now, five you turned today,
        you have to understand that I can not stay.

        You say ok and walk down the hall,
        Come back with your coat and your new basketball,
        You tell me you're ready and now we can go,
        Make America safe and then we'll come home.

        My son you can't go, your mother needs you here,
        To make her feel safe and wipe away her tears.
        I'll come back to you when my job is done,
        But for now you are the man of the house,
        You are......... daddy's son.

[ J. P. McCann Copyright © 2001 (fire1@adams.net) -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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