Dawn's   Friend

I want to tell you something, it happened to me today.
I was feeling empty, so I began to pray.
I said, "God can you hear me? Who am I to be?
What purpose do I have? What am I to see?"

He said, "Dawn you're a teacher, you help people know.
You guide them to their Truth, helping them to grow."
I said, "Lord, you're mistaken, my guides do that for me.
The teacher, that You speak of is You, can't you see?"

"Oh you precious child, your words are very true.
But understanding Me, is understanding you.
You also are a leader, settling only for the best .
You seek for the highest, strong in your request."

"I know that this is true, but my progress seems so slow.
The more I seem to learn, the more I need to know.
I feel very strange and wonder if you might...
Be thinking of someone else, that radiates more light."

"You are so adorable, this is exactly what I mean.
You insist for the Knowing, until it's clearly seen.
Your heart is of valor, powered by The Love,
True in your desires, to always rise above."

"I thank you, dear Lord, for showing me my soul.
Now I will continue, to strive for my goal.
I know it sounds crazy, but I seek to know this ....
Can we live forever in complete and utter bliss?"

"Yes my sweet child, keep this in your sight.
For surely what you seek, will offer you your light
But first see it in, before you see it out...
In this place of bliss, there's not a shred of doubt.

"I will take you there, and this you will find...
The bliss you are seeking, is with you all the time.
I love you, Dawn, dearly. I hope you understand,
I will never leave you nor let go of your hand.

"There are many avenues, to the goal that you seek.
Many paths to choose from, and many ways to teach.
But there is only one Answer in the end...
All will come to know... I Am... their Friend."

[ Dawn Wentworth (nowis4u@shentel.net) -- The Motivational Mailer ]


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