Little boy playing in the dirt and water.

Dear Little Bobby

The time had finally come
that I long awaited for,
No more arising each morning
and going out that door.

Now I can take some trips, watch TV,
and spend time on the phone,
for at last I am free my time
is now my own.

But little did I dream, what God had
in store for me, Into my life came this
little boy of three. His grandmother
who was raising him, let me share in his love
And he was are little darling,
from the heavens up above.

He brought me more happiness,
then I could possible know.
And with this little child
I was always on the go.

To McDonalds, Chucky Cheese,
the Dog Pond, and the Mall
But treasure hunting was what
he loved the most of all.

With his little shovel
he dug there in the ground,
So excited with the treasures
that he found.

But what he didn't know ,what
he didn't see, I hid them there
when he had his back turn to me.

At the playground with other children
he was always quick to share,
And with the little ones, you could
tell he really cared.

No more thoughful little boy
you would ever see.
When he was seven, he gave a rose to me
In it's little vase it sets beside my bed
and will always be there for what time
I have ahead.

He's gone now his grandmother took him
and moved many miles away, I miss him
more then words can ever say.

I visit we talk often on the phone,
This makes me very happy, I don't feel
so all alone.

He's twenty one now, and works with
little children,
This is no surprise to me,
Dear little Bobby, who means the world
to me.

~ Dorothy Brockmeier ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Dorothy Brockmeier, Copyright © 2011 ( ) -- submitted by: Dorothy Brockmeier ]


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