American flag, with the sun shining through it, and the message: Honoring All Who Served.

Dear Weary Military Personnel

Appreciation for Service People.

I do not know each name,
but I am sure I know your heart;
You have not done for fame
the service of protection you impart.

To each and every citizen
and many who are not,
the joys and peace of freedom
from overcoming devices, plans and plot.

My hat is off to you dear fighter,
my thanks comes from my heart,
knowing you suffer personal loss
as you stand and do your part.

Tears of thanks roll down my face
whenever I think of you,
your very life laid on the line,
your standard held upright and true.

May our glorious Heavenly Father
bless you soul and spirit too
as you stand and face such hardships
for the old red, white, and blue.

For those who already served your time,
and re-enlisted yet once more,
I pray you will enjoy your freedom
when the hardships of this war are o'er.

~ Joyce Guy ~
Copyright © 2013
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- Copyright © 2013 ( -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]

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