Deliverance from Darkness

        How can a soul know such deep despair,
        a murky mist seeping everywhere,
        a black swirling hole sucking ever down,
        where loneliness knows unfathomed bounds;

        Such deep black depths with no ray of light
        'neath unlit sky, a moonless night,
        grew from a conscienceless harbored sin,
        that festered the soul, let no glimmer in.

        But, One, full of light, can lance this boil
        strike at the heart of this evil moil;
        the Christ of God, when invited in,
        can staunch the despair, dispatch its sin.

        He can flood this soul with piercing light,
        turn the black miasma to pristine white,
        bestow peace to the restless inward part,
        flood with joy the tortured heart.

        The healing balm of Gilead
        soothes the sting of the demons' rods,
        joy springs up and overflows,
        conquers the stench of sin with a fragrant rose.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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