Clinging to the Cross.
Artist Unknown

Dependance On Him

          Is your boat drifting too far out at sea,
          are you in your life where you want to be
          You will need a shelter in the time of storm,
          to keep you protected from all harm

          Listen to the captain when He talks to you
          He'll keep you safe, He'll guide you too
          He can show you much about this life
          Trust Him to keep you from sin and strife

          When you're where you're supposed to
          be, toss your anchor out into the sea
          Hold fast your faith and trust in Jesus
          He's the one that will never leave us

          If you drift too far and began to fear
          always remember that Jesus is near
          The diciples were about to perish at sea
          That's where Jesus wanted them to be

          He wanted to teach dependance on Him
          He's still with them when their faith is dim
          Faith is your anchor that holds you fast.
          He's the solid Rock that will always last

~ Mary Eldridge ~
My Poem Site: "My Witness For God"

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2008 ( -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]

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