Young teen daughter riding on the shoulders of her dad.

The Difference Between Fathers and Daddies

Now, I know some folks will tell you
That a Father is a Dad;
But to me, one is a Hero,
While the other is a Cad!

Cause to me, Daddy's not someone
With ten children on his knee;
Sure, that man may be a Father,
But a Dad he might not be!

See, some Fathers shout out orders
'Cause they're "Master of the house";
They just sit and bellow loudly,
And that kind of Dad's a louse!

While Dads fight the very dragons
That all Fathers seem to know;
Still, when home, they hug their children,
Saying, "How did your day go?

Now, some Fathers are "too busy"
Out bread-winning, fighting crime;
But while Fathers bring home Bacon,
What Daddies bring home is Time!

I say Dads are something special,
Made of Tenderness and Care;
'Cause a Father just sires offspring,
But a Daddy's something rare!

~ Connie ~
Copyright © 2012
All Rights Reserved

"Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger,
but bring them up in the discipline
and instruction of the Lord."
(Ephesians 6:4, RSV)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook Copyright © 2012 ( -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]

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