When disappointments come one day,
And they most certainly will.
The way in which I respond to them,
Will determine how I feel.

If I let myself get discouraged,
I’ll feel distraught, sad and alone.
But by looking to God and trusting Him,
I can face the future’s unknown.

Could it be that God is testing me?
Or wanting me to confront some sin?
Could it be that He is chastening me?
So He can cleanse my soul within?

I will pray to God and ask Him.
Have I somehow slipped from Your will?
Guide and direct me to stay on Your path.
So Your plans for me I can fulfill.

Help me discern where I went astray.
For I shouldn’t be feeling so down.
Trials should be making me stronger,
Not keeping me captive and bound.

You tell me to rejoice in my troubles,
And trust You for You’ll see me through.
I can face all life’s disappointments,
If I remember I always have You.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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