Divine Intervention

          I never write a poem
          That doesn't write itself.
          I catch a buzz and come alive
          Like a puppet off it's shelf.

          Hearing many voices
          Whose words are never mine.
          My pen becomes a painter's brush
          Forming visions on a line.

          I seem to be a better person
          When it's time to sit down and write.
          A higher power guides my hand
          Sharing wisdom by day and night.

          People born to create
          Have no choice but to perform.
          It's the rush of sharing their gift
          That elevates them from the norm.

          What would our world become
          Without intervention from above?
          Angry beings in a revolving cage
          With no sense of passion or love.

~ Tom Zart ~
Soldier For The Lord

[ by: Tom Zart Copyright © 2008 -- submitted by: Tom Zart (zart08@netzero.com) ]


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