Donít Be Ashamed in Your Time of Need

          Donít be ashamed in your time of need
          Stretch out your hand-you will find
          My hand outstretched to you
          Reach out and grasp a hold of mine

          When you are feeling low
          And need to be lifted up high
          Donít hide away from the world
          Donít give up with a sigh

          I am here for you at all times
          In every instance, every situation
          There are no limits
          There is no condition

          There is no need for you to suffer alone
          When you have someone here for you
          No need for you to hide away
          I am here for you to turn to

          I am Yahweh, God Almighty
          Ready to answer your prayer
          I am your provider, your deliverer
          Here for you, because I care

[ Kathleen Shelton Poulson ( -- from Kathleen Poulson ]


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