Don't Bring Me Flowers

Though they are lovely,
their scent heavenly,
splendid in all their bouquet;
Don't bring me flowers
after I'm gone -
show me you love me today.

What good will they do
caressing a stone,
though pretty, their meaning I'll miss;
Express to me now
you're thankful I'm here,
give me a hug or a kiss.

My age has crept up
have wrinkles aplenty,
my good years behind me, at best;
but wisdom and spirit
I'm happy to share,
indulge now - before I'm at rest.

Once just like you,
with nothing but time,
all plans for the future could wait;
My future is Now,
my time almost done,
so love me before it's too late!

Don't bring me flowers
after I'm gone,
show me you need me today;
so happy you'll make
this lonely old heart -
you might just convince me to stay!

[ by Lori Williams ( -- from Guidewords ]


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