Donít Give Up

    At times we feel like giving up and saying, "whatís the use?"
    We feel weíve disappointed God, at least thatís our excuse.
    Godís love for us will never change, for the bible tells us so.
    Rather than saying "I give up," itís to God that we should go.

    We need to humbly kneel to God, and pour out all our sorrow.
    Tell Him of our aching heart, and ask His help to face tomorrow.
    Tell Him our feelings of loneliness, and the failures we have seen.
    Tell Him of our struggles and fears, and confess we feel unclean.

    We, as Christians, are not exempt from the sins of daily living.
    So we need to talk with God in prayer, for He always is forgiving.
    He knows each sin that we commit, but Heíll never hide His face.
    He loves us and Heíll welcome us back to His throne of grace.

    If from our heart, we truly repent, God will instantly forgive.
    He knows that in this sinful world, a godly life is hard to live.
    By nature we are sinful people, and daily battles weíll always face.
    Thatís why God in His infinite mercy sent His Son to take our place.

    Jesus suffered and died on Calvary's cross, to give the gift of grace.
    He paid the ultimate price ~ He bore the sins of the human race.
    With God's mercy and love, Christians can face what comes each day.
    Sins committed have been "paid," for those who have chosen His way.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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