Donít Worry, Let God

    Why do we tend to worry about the things we cannot change?
    We only need to remember that God has our lives arranged.
    He knew us when we were being formed within our motherís womb.
    He planned our life ahead of time from our birth until the tomb.

    He knows our problems and our fears we have to face each day.
    Just trust Heíll walk beside us and know Heíll be with us all the way.
    When we think we canít get through the day and let despair set in,
    Just look above and ask for the help that Heís always ready to send.

    Rather than placing our trust in God, we often think we can do it alone.
    This is just part of our human nature; the sin of pride as it is known.
    God loves us dearly and wants to help us; Heís just a prayer away.
    Letís call upon His wonderful name; Heíll get us through our day.

    I have had many days I thought I would never get through.
    But when I stopped and talked to God, He said, "Iím here for you."
    When I heard His tender voice, it gave me the strength I needed.
    My friends Iím here to tell you, with God you canít be defeated.

    There is no worry or problem thatís too big for our Lord to handle.
    Remember that on our darkest days, His love is like a candle.
    His love for us will light our way with a beam so very bright.
    No matter what we have to face, God will help us win the fight.

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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