Do You Have Trials?

Whatever trials beset me, I know are permitted by God.
Down in the valley they pull me, then I raise my eyes as I trod.

Christ my Savior is waiting to help me, He's just a prayer away.
I lift my voice and He hears me, and, Oh what a glorious day!

With my hand in His we go onward, upward to the top of the hill.
My trials seem gone forever, thank God, I'm back in His Will!

Some day my Savior will call me, and I will go to Heaven above,
There forever I'll be with my Jesus, in a place surrounded by love!

Then I'll sing His praises, in a land where no tears shall fall.
My trials WILL be gone forever, in a land He has made for us all!

[ by Dot Wilson -- {used with permission} ]


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