Do You Know?

Do you know that Jesus loves you?

Do you know that Jesus cares?

To Him, you are a treasure.

Youíre a precious gem so rare.

With life youíre disillusioned.

You feel so trodden down.

But to Jesus you are royalty,

And He has for you a crown.

Do you know Him as your Savior?

Do you know Him as your friend?

If not, let me introduce you,

And your new life can begin.

All you need to do is trust Him,

And believe He died for you.

That Heís lives and reigns forever,

And He offers life anew.

Your life will never be the same,

Once He dwells within your heart.

All your sins will be forgiven,

And from His mind they will depart.

Never again to be remembered,

For all stain of sin is clean.

Your past is covered by His blood,

Only His righteousness is seen.

Youíll no longer be disillusioned.

Youíll no longer feel trodden down.

Youíll now be looking to Heaven,

For the day youíll get your crown.

You will be a new creation.

Those around will be amazed.

So relate how Jesus changed you,

And give Him all the praise.

Someone comes across your path,

As you live your life each day.

Jesus purposely puts them there,

So you can point the Way.

You then them Jesus loves them.

You then tell them Jesus cares.

If they donít know Him as Savior,

Now His Gospel you can share.

You tell them what I shared with you,

And how you were born anew.

For when you become a child of God,

You want others to know Him, too.

Emily McAdams

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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