Do you love me?

        "Lord", I cried, and said, "Do you love me?"
        "You seem not to care when these things happen,
        When my child gets run down by a drunk driver.
        When my husband loses his mind with grief,
        And then spends the last ten years of his life
        Grieving himself to death!"

        "Lord, do You care that I have no car,
        no good and decent place to lay my head?
        You promised to be my Husband, Provider, Friend.
        You said You'd never leave me til the end.
        I have waited and obeyed as best I can.
        What else can I do?"

        God answered me, and said: "Child, do you love Me?
        You seem only to love Me
        if everything is going as you say.
        Your faith wavers day to day, and minute to minute;
        Can you not see My Hand at work in your life anyway?
        Does that mean you don't love Me,
        Because your faith isn't strong today?"

        God answered me, and said: "I love you.
        I have provided all you will ever need.
        I know it seems slow to you;
        But, blessed are those who wait upon the Lord.
        I want you to see that you love Me more
        Than these things you are so impatient to possess."

        "Yes, Lord, I see, You love me;
        enough to say no sometimes
        when I think you really must say yes.
        Thank you Father, for loving me.
        I bow my knee to your provision and care.
        I lay my burdens at the feet
        Of the one Who loves me."

[ by: Virginia Marie Swift -- from Andy Chap ]


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