Do You Want A Mansion?

Do you have a mansion?
I have, I've been told.
And it sets on a street,
that is all purest gold!

I can live in this place,
without any fear.
There will be no more pain,
and never a tear!

No more disappointment,
no sorrows there.
No hatred, only love,
and no heartaches to bear.

No darkness is there,
all will be light.
God's glory will make
everything so bright!

There, to live forever,
where love reigns supreme.
It will be so wonderful!
Does it sound like a dream?

Just praising our God,
is what we will do.
At least I'm going to.
How about you?

Ask the Lord Jesus,
into your heart.
Tell Him you're sorry,
and want a new start.

You've sinned, made mistakes.
You're ready to make a change.
He will come into your heart,
and your life, He'll rearrange!

Then when life is through,
to Heaven you'll go.
So give your heart to Jesus.
He loves you, you know!

Then you too, shall have,
a mansion some day.
On streets of gold.
You'll go there to stay!

No tears or sorrows,
no pain anymore.
when we get there
on Heaven's fair shore!

I'll praise His name forever,
for giving me the choice.
Yes, I'm going to go to Heaven.
I have reason to rejoice!

[ by Dot Wilson -- {used with permission} ]


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