Dog and his loving human family.

When a Good Dog Goes to Heaven

When a good dog goes to heaven,
he leaves behind some tears,
but takes with him the memories
of many happy years.

He knows his family loved him
and that they'll be sad today,
and if he could, he'd tell them
not to worry; he's okay.

He'd say, Thank you for the care and love
that filled my life with joy,
and, What a thrill it was to hear
that I was your good boy.

He knows how much you'll miss him,
and he will miss you, too,
and, from up in heaven,
he will send you down a clue.

Please be happy knowing
that he's safe and well and warm.
All good dogs go to heaven;
God protects them from all harm.

How blessed are those who have known the love of a good dog. Few
things in this life bring such pleasure or acceptance. A good dog
will love you even you when you are unlovable and will remain by
your side when you have nothing to give but a pat on the head.

When he looks at you, he sees goodness and he knows that you will always love him and take care of him. He has faith. All goodness comes from God, and believers know that those who have faith will always be near to Him.

~ Linda Lee Gleason ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Linda Lee Gleason, Copyright © 2011 ( ) -- submitted by: Linda Gleason ]

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