Don't Have A Clue

          Kids today don't have a clue
          Where to go or what to do
          We knew full well when we were young
          Where to go to have some fun

          A shiny quarter could buy delight
          The friends we had without a fight
          The days we talked till after dark
          The things we learned to make our mark

          A mitt and ball would sure suffice
          Ice cube trays with Kool-Aid ice
          We played real hard with cuts and bruises
          A comic book could sure amuse us

          A spinning top was such a thrill
          To ride our bikes down the steepest hills
          A bag of marbles could calm for hours
          Paper Mache to make Mom flowers

          Worn sneakers with broken laces
          Dirt and grime on our tanned faces
          Empty pockets and tattered jeans
          Lux in a Maytag could make things clean

          You never knew the time of day
          From dawn to dusk you'd run and play
          You never questioned our parents reason
          Summertime was our favorite season

          Wonder bread with fried bologna
          Wednesday night was macaroni
          Those wonderful days that flew so fast
          Those magical times will always last

~ Frank P. Cotter ~
<fcotter at>

Franks says, "I'm married to my wife Patty, the woman that makes life worth living. I'm
the father of three children. I have worked for Rutgers University for the past thirty years."

[ by: Frank P. Cotter, © 2008 (fcotter at -- {used with permission} ]


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