Easter Moment

      The morning wind is warm and blowing gently through the trees,
      He lifts his face to smell the fragrance carried by the breeze.
      Spring is finally here and winterís cold is almost gone,
      And he can almost smell the freshness on this Easter dawn.

      Heís waiting for the sunrise in this peaceful little place,
      And loves the feeling of the warming breeze upon his face.
      The sky is dimly lit as rays of sun began to rise,
      The colors are so beautiful spread out before his eyes.

      The birds are singing and are making such a joyful sound,
      They do not seem to even know that anyoneís around.
      He sits and thinks how wonderful to live so peacefully,
      But then his mind drifts to last night while watching his TV.

      Why canít people live in peace especially today?
      It seems that in this modern world someone would find a way.
      It seems that every day we live the past would teach us lessons,
      But always seems like we are haunted with the past transgressions.

      It always seems like everyday it comes without a doubt,
      Always something new that we must worry all about.
      War is raging in the world and now a new disease,
      People running to and fro just doing what they please.

      Always seems weíre on the edge just standing at the brink,
      At least thatís what the headline news would always have you think.
      War is running rampant and disease spreading around,
      Wall street in a turmoil as the stocks come crashing down.

      But on this Easter morning as he just enjoys the spring,
      He will not dwell on negatives that this old world could bring.
      He cannot change the future and he cannot change the past,
      He makes a vow to cherish life as long as it may last.

      Anyway he thinks of words that he had read before,
      He recalls it speaks of war and rumors of a war.
      Famine and disease and all the things that people fret,
      But also were the words about the end not being yet.

      So as he thinks about the one who spoke those words that day,
      And as the Easter sun comes up he bows his head to pray.
      Thank you for this Easter day so beautiful this spring,
      And thank you for the life I have whatever it may bring.

[ by James A. Kisner © 2005 (PoppyK1@aol.com) -- {used with permission} ]


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