Hand in hand we walk through the vast beauty

        of the infinite regions of our glorious forever,

        Eden restored, yet completely new.

        Eternity... that has no beginning and has no end.

        A place of constant fulfillment,

        yet anticipation, of more to come,

        like the first glorious taste of the perfect confection

        where each new mouthful is more exquisite than the first.

        We reach into the Storehouse of everlasting love,

        being immersed in the excitement of timelessness

        where good forever exists in a serpent-less garden.

        We drink with joy from the River of Life,

        poured out from our Father's Hand.

        Eternity has not time to count,

        yet there will never be enough of eternity

        that we would not long for

        ... more of Eden.

[ Pamela R. Blaine © 2001 -- from 'Guidewords' ]


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