Ever-Flowing Cup

In the shadows God will find you

Lift you from the dark and dreary

Guide you with His loving hand

Let you know He's always near.

On the storm-tossed ocean deep

God will calm the rocking waters

Gently purge your heart to keep

You safe and steady in His hands.

When the chilling winds surround you

God will bring you warmth and love

With His angels he'll enfold you

Send new life -- watch for His dove.

God is there when we get lost

Along a path rock-strewn and tangled

He holds a lantern to lessen the cost

And brightens the way back to the fold.

God is never far away from us

We need only say, "Peace, be still," and look up

He will send love and protection

As we drink from His ever-flowing cup.

[ by Samm J. Bogner -- from 'Themestream' ]


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