Every Gift Was Handed Back

      This year I stopped to contemplate the kind of gift I'd bring
      To lay at the nail-scarred feet of my Gracious Heavenly King.

      He's given my very life to me, and the blessings I hold dear,
      But I can't come up with anything appropriate, I fear.

      Every time I give Him something, He more than doubles the return...
      I gave to Him my weakness, His strength He then confirmed.

      He would always be there for me to securely hold on to.
      I gave Him my shattered life - He gave me life anew.

      I gave Him my pain and heartbreak, all that troubled my weary soul-
      He gave me hope and happiness, and made my body whole.

      I gave Him all my doubts and fears, the things that stood in the way
      Of my daily service in His name - He made them go away.

      I offered Him my feeble voice, to sing His praise in song-
      He filled my heart with a melody, that will last my whole life long.

      I offered Him my hands to serve, to help out those in need,
      He gave me the talent to use these tools, so that I would succeed.

      I gave Him my life completely, to show His light in a world of night,
      He gave me a wonderful testimony, a way to share His light.

      I offered Him my eyes to see all that they could take in-
      He showed to me a world of fear, unhappiness and sin.

      For every gift I gave to Him, He handed it back to me
      Instructions for their uses - endless possibilities.

      To reach a world that needs to find the Savior that I found,
      So on and on, I serve, for to Him in love I'm bound.

[ Beth Fisher -- from 'Guidewords' ]


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