Everyone Has Angels

          Everyone has angels
          That guide them along the way.
          You only have to look in your heart
          For the ones that have faded away.

          It could be your lost Mother or Father,
          Or some kin that you've never met.
          It could be a childhood friend
          Who has gone beyond the sunset.

          We are guided each day by someone,
          Who lives within our heart.
          They let us know when it's time to stop,
          Things we should have never let start.

          They are there when we make decisions
          About everything that we do.
          They are there because we love them so much
          And because they love us too.

          So, as you continue your life
          Without hearing what they say,
          Be assured that all of your Angels
          Are by your side, each and every day.

[ Author Unknown -- from Ruthie, via 'Inspired Buffalo' (InspiredBuffalo@lighthouse.net) ]


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