Evolution Solution

'Evolution,' you say?
I say, 'no way
That alfalfa seed
Could evolve into hay,

That a great big bang
From nothing at all
Could generate matter
And form an earth ball.

That a wee protozoa
Could, by slight of hand,
Change its species
And evolve into man;

That plants and animals
Had the same life,
That first Adam's rib
Evolved into a wife;

That hogs and elephants,
Which love to wallow,
Could turn into sheep
Is too much to swallow.

The devil was mad
At being thrown out of heaven
Started evolving lies,
And laced them with leaven.

Man's wicked mind
Ran with the ball,
Trying to cover
His great sinful fall.

If he follows this theory
To the end of his days,
Because of his ignorance,
Will have hell to pay.

If everything started
With a big bang one day,
One thing is for sure?
God spoke it that way.'

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- submitted by: Joyce Guy ]


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