Eyes That Weep

What to say to eyes that weep,
Eyes with tears that cannot keep,
Eyes that find no rest in sleep,
What to say to eyes that weep...

Do not say, "Cheer up, my friend,
Don't you know that this will end?
Hope is just around the bend,
Life is great! ~ Cheer up, my friend."

Do not say, "You're right to cry,
Life is cruel, no use to try,
Just give up, curse God and die,
All is vain ~ You're right to cry."

Say no words to weeping eyes,
Don't concur or criticize,
Grieve with them till sorrow dies,
Christ Himself shared weeping eyes.


"When Jesus therefore saw her weeping,
and the Jews who came with her, also weeping,
He was deeply moved in spirit, and was troubled...
and Jesus wept."
(John 11:33,35 NASB)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook (cjcook@mynewroads.com) -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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