Face Of An Angel

          They have halos that glow

          As they cast a heavenly light

          And their eyes often twinkle

          Like a star in the night

          They wear wings of silk

          So sheer like lace

          They have a look of innocence

          That lies upon their face

          They play a sweet melody

          On a harp made of gold

          While singing songs of hope

          God's harmony, to cleanse our soul

          Sometimes they visit our dreams

          To comfort our fears

          They speak in soft whisper

          As we get lost in our tears

          Though we may not see them

          They watch us from the heavens above

          They live in our hearts

          Teaching us the true meaning of love

          So when your in pain

          And you feel as though your scared

          And all alone

          Remember the face of an angel

          Her love will lead you back home

[ Written By Melissa K. (mystical_unicorn67@yahoo.com) -- from 'TPS' ]


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