Beautiful Fall colored leaves on the trees and ground, with a little stream to carry the leaves along.

Fall Season

Autumn leaves speckle the forest floor
Leaving a mottled view.
The river lazily provides a path for leaves
To journey through.

Determined trees continue to hang on,
Will not, yet, let go
So the leaves can gently fall away,
Instead, they glow
With tans and grays and reds and gold
Makes a glorious show.

These breath-taking beautiful scenes
After summerís gone,
Is the Creatorís designated plan,
This seasonís Ďsongí.

And so it is in life our seasons
Do come then go,
Each with a particular purpose:
Godís plan to know.

~ DelRe ~
Copyright © Oct. 17, 2013
All Rights Reserved

[ by: DelRe, Copyright © Oct. 17, 2013 ( 7delre7 at ) -- {submitted by: DelRe} ]

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